Premises Liability

There are many situations that can lead to a premises liabilty lawsuit, as the pictures above suggest. In addition to injuries caused by dangerous conditions on a property, criminal assaults and robberies on customers at businesses may result in a viable lawsuit to recover for the injuries sustained by the victim in the attack. Unfortunately, crime is a terrible problem is some parts of Mississippi. Assaults, rapes and robberies are too common in many areas, including the I-55 corridor in North Jackson. Business owners have a legal duty to warn their customers of unsafe or dangerous conditions at their businesses. Many times business owners do not warn customers of a crime problem in the area for fear of losing customers. The same business owners do not provide adequate security to protect customers because the owners do not want to pay the money that effective security costs. In many instances the victim is entitled to compensation for their injuries from the business owner because the business did not take steps to warn the victim or make the property safe. My firm represents persons injured on the property of a business, including as a result of criminal activity. You can read about some of the results obtained in these types of cases in the case results section of this website.

Information and Resources:

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My husband and I own a small business and we contacted Mr. Thomas to represent us in a personal injury matter relating to our business. He was very aggressive with his defense of this matter and the cost to defend our case was minimal. Mr. Thomas paid very close attention to keeping the cost down and getting us the outcome we very much desired.