Legal Malpractice (Attorney Negligence)

My firm accepts legal malpractice cases against lawyers. Attorneys are like everyone else and make mistakes for which they should be held responsible. I do not believe that lawyers are above the law and have handled cases where attorney negligence resulted in the dismissal of valid cases. Frequently, the negligent attorney does not inform his or her client of the attorney’s negligence.

I have successfully represented clients in legal malpractice cases against some of the most well-known lawyers and largest law firms in the State of Mississippi. I have also helped clients recover in lawsuits against attorneys from outside the State of Mississippi. I am willing to represent clients from outside the State of Mississippi in legal malpractice cases.

The settlements obtained in some of my legal malpractice cases are listed on the results page of this website.

I would be happy to review your potential legal malpractice case if you believe that your attorney was negligent.

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By far the best lawyer that I have ever used. He was very responsive to my needs as a client. He was always patient with me when I didn’t understand some of the legal terms being used in my case. I would absolutely use him again for legal matters. I was extremely pleased with the way in which he handled my case. I would recommend him for cases involving legal or medical malpractice, or any type of personal injury cases. He was excellent.