Auto Accidents

Car accidents are very common in the United States. About 100 people are killed in car wrecks every day, with millions of people injured in the U.S. every year. Unsafe driving is the principal reason for these accidents.

Drivers are more distracted than ever. Unfortunately, Mississippi does not currently ban drivers from texting while driving. However, distracted and dangerous drivers can be held financially responsible in court.

Unlike most personal injury lawyers, Philip Thomas does not recommend that people injured in most automobile accidents immediately hire a lawyer.

Sometimes, the injured person can settle their claim themselves without having to pay an attorney. Billboard and T.V. lawyers often charge 40% contingency fees in auto accident cases without ever filing a lawsuit. In many of these cases, the injured person would have personally recovered more money if they did not hire the lawyer. This is because the lawyer’s high contingency fee eats into the victims settlement.

The first question to decide after being injured in an auto accident is: do I need to hire a lawyer?

The answer is not always yes. In many cases without catastrophic injuries, it is often better to try to settle with the insurance company yourself before hiring a lawyer on a contingency fee.

Philip Thomas provides a free consultation to persons injured in auto accidents to discuss their case and whether they should hire a lawyer or try to settle their case on their own. Philip will discuss with you the range of recovery that you can expect in a case and whether hiring a lawyer will add value to your case.

In addition, Philip’s law firm offers reduced contingency fees for cases that settle before a lawsuit is filed. This benefits clients who don’t want to deal with the insurance company and/or need help to settle their case. Many times getting a lawyer involved will speed up the resolution of a claim, but the lawyer is able to negotiate a fair settlement without filing a lawsuit.

The second question to decide after being injured in an auto accident is: what kind of lawyer do I want to hire?

If you want a lawyer who you recognize from T.V. commercials with fake clients who don’t look hurt talking about how much money the lawyer got them, then Philip Thomas is not the lawyer who you should call. However, if you want an honest and serious lawyer who actually tries cases and will put you and your family’s interests before his, then Philip Thomas may be the lawyer for you.

Email or call Philip today for a free consultation on your potential case.

Upon the initial meeting with Mr. Thomas, he reviewed all the information. He explained all the details and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I hired him at that initial meeting.

Mr. Thomas assured me that we would not be dealing with a rude insurance adjustor any more. He would be taking all her calls. He also gave his name and number to assure the bill collectors that we had a legitimate law suit (we were rear-ended in an auto accident).

Our law suit was settled out of court in a timely manner. I give Mr. Thomas all the credit because of his skills as an excellent attorney. He is everything that you could ask for as an attorney: truly humble, skilled in his profession, and a kind person who truly has the best interest for us.

When our case settled, Mr. Thomas and his staff were very efficient in calling us and getting all the monies paid to appropriate parties. He even reduced his fee for us at the end of our case. This enabled us to receive more for our own. Mr. Thomas is truly an attorney that we would recommend to family and friends.

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