$750,000 Settlement for Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

In 2002 Mississippi enacted tort reforms that placed a cap on recovery for non-economic damages. In many nursing home cases non-economic damages represent the bulk of a recovery because individuals in nursing homes are no longer working and cannot claim lost wages. This makes it difficult recover over $500,000 in a nursing home case. Despite the cap, in 2007 my firm was able to settle a neglect victim’s claim for $750,000.

Numerous Other Settlements for Nursing Home Victims

I have represented families of many victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. The vast majority of these cases resulted in a monetary settlement paid by the nursing home to compensate the victim for the injuries that they suffered.

Mr. Thomas was one of the most honest people/attorneys we have ever encountered. It would have been really easy for him to take this case, collect tens of thousands in fees, because of our feelings and knowledge of the obvious negligence at the facility. However, he was very upfront about an eventual outcome and advised us instead to make complaints to proper authorities, hoping that this kind of tragedy can be prevented in the future with other helpless patients. He was truly one of the most impressive people we have met, in any profession.