$800,000 Jury Verdict for Victim of Cancer Misdiagnosis

In April 1999 Michael Harrison of Clinton, Mississippi was diagnosed with walnut sized brain tumor. During a surgical procedure to remove the tumor biopsy samples were taken and sent for testing. Initial testing showed that the tumor might be an aggressive cancer, but the results were not conclusive and a sample was sent to the nation’s leading pathologist for a second opinion. The second opinion revealed that Michael did not have cancer. Michael’s attending physician claimed to have never seen the results of the second opinion despite the fact that he had multiple copies of the results in his office records. As a result of the doctor’s failure to recognize the test results, Michael had unnecessary radiation treatments to his brain. The radiation treatments caused brain damage, difficulty speaking, seizures and partial paralysis.

Michael hired attorney John Giddens of Jackson to help him. When it became apparent that the case would not settle, Mr. Giddens associated Philip Thomas to serve as co-trial counsel. The trial was held in August 2007 in the Circuit Court of Hinds County. At the conclusion of a week long trial the jury returned a verdict of $800,000 to compensate Michael for his injuries.

“By far the best lawyer that I have ever used. He was very responsive to my needs as a client. He was always patient with me when I didn’t understand some of the legal terms being used in my case. I would absolutely use him again for legal matters. I was extremely pleased with the way in which he handled my case. I would recommend him for cases involving legal or medical malpractice, or any type of personal injury cases. He was excellent.”