“My wife and I were getting unwarranted threats from a large company. I called Philip and told him the situation and gave him all the information. He told us not to worry and let him handle the problem and to refer future calls to him. Not only did he stop the calls, but the company wound up paying us damages. He is a great lawyer and I would certainly use him again.”

Auto Accidents

“Upon the initial meeting with Mr. Thomas, he reviewed all the information. He explained all the details and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I hired him at that initial meeting.

Mr. Thomas assured me that we would not be dealing with a rude insurance adjustor any more. He would be taking all her calls. He also gave his name and number to assure the bill collectors that we had a legitimate law suit ( we were rear-ended in an auto accident)

Our law suit was settled out of court in a timely manner. I give Mr. Thomas all the credit because of his skills as an excellent attorney. He is everything that you could ask for as an attorney– truly humble, skilled in his profession, and a kind person who truly has the best interest for us.

When our case settled, Mr. Thomas and his staff were very efficient in calling us and getting all the monies paid to appropriate parties. He even reduced his fee for us at the end of our case. This enabled us to receive more for our own.Mr. Thomas is truly an attorney that we would recommend to family and friends.”

Premises Liability

“My husband and I own a small business and we contacted Mr. Thomas to represent us in a personal injury matter relating to our business. He was very aggressive with his defense of this matter and the cost to defend our case was minimal. Mr. Thomas paid very close attention to keeping the cost down and getting us the outcome we very much desired.”

Personal Injury

“By far the best lawyer that I have ever used. He was very responsive to my needs as a client. He was always patient with me when I didn’t understand some of the legal terms being used in my case. I would absolutely use him again for legal matters. I was extremely pleased with the way in which he handled my case. I would recommend him for cases involving legal or medical malpractice, or any type of personal injury cases. He was excellent.”

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

“Mr. Thomas was recommended by another local attorney, that attorney having a wonderful reputation. We met today with Mr. Thomas regarding the death of our Dad after a very serious fall at The Blake, an assisted living facility in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The nurse in charge of the facility didn’t feel it necessary that he be taken to an emergency room. Instead, she called us that morning, to advise us of the fall and ‘warn’ us of what he would look like at the Easter lunch we were attending with him that day at noon. From the morning of that fall, and throughout the following week, he couldn’t eat, drink, walk or talk. According to the staff (nurse), his condition was caused by a ‘urinary tract infection’ that was supposedly something that caused his condition (elderly, Parkinson’s) to become much worse until treated. After a week, our private sitter (because we knew after this that their care wasn’t possibly adequate) found him early morning gasping for breath, had an ambulance called; was taken to ER; immediately sent to Intensive Care with major brain hemorrage, past and present, pneumonia in both lungs and kidney failure possible. It was clear from all physicians, including the neurosurgeon, that this was a result of his fall.

Mr. Thomas advised us to contact the State Department of Health to inform them of the facility taking in patients that needed to be in a much more supervised setting, i.e. skilled nursing…so they could observe themselves how many patients at the facility are there that need to be in a skilled nursing-type situation instead.

Mr. Thomas was one of the most honest people/attorneys we have ever encountered. It would have been really easy for him to take this case, collect tens of thousands in fees, because of our feelings and knowledge of the obvious negligence at the facility. However, he was very upfront about an eventual outcome and advised us instead to make complaints to proper authorities–hoping that this kind of tragedy can be prevented in the future with other helpless patients. He was truly one of the most impressive people we have met, in any profession.”

Insurance Law

“I have been working with Philip routinely for a few years now as in-house counsel with an insurance company. He is extremely responsive and uses his keen intellect to assist us in preventing and resolving problems regarding insurance defense. He is a pleasure to work with and an integral part of our Mississippi defense team.”

Auto Accidents

“A member of our (European) family died in a tragical road accident during a holiday trip in the USA. It will be understood that after this there was a lot that had to be dealt with.

Our family was looking for an experienced and skilled American lawyer. Mr. Philip Thomas was recommended to us by an American acquaintance of our family member, and he consented to represent our family.

Mr. Thomas appeared to be a capable lawyer who successfully managed our case. This implied among other things that he in a very friendly, helpful and efficient way guided us through the process of obtaining in our own country all documents that were required for the American law system.

Mr. Thomas’ efforts led to the desired results, importantly, much sooner than we had expected.”